Wednesday, 13 September 2017

One of Singapore's best alfresco eating spots - The Halia, Botanic Gardens


I don't know any lady who doesn't enjoy a good quality dessert. So, don't miss the fancy dessert named "Die die must have chocolate" at The Halia.

My friend parked her car at the Learning Forest Parking Lot, adjacent to the Learning Forest Foyer. We took a less than 5 minutes pleasant stroll into the Ginger Garden and The Halia. What exciting us was sitting at the dining table nestled in cool Ginger Garden. This casual and unhurried atmosphere was particularly welcome after a morning rain.

I recommended "Die die must have chocolate" to my friend, which was seriously impressed her. It is rich and luscious in texture and flavor. One memorable thing occurred when she had eaten her first mouthful, ——where the chocolate melted in her mouth, and the sweet and sour raspberry sorbet gave a punch to the taste. The chef sprinkled the dessert with crispy bites, made us feel like magic when having it. Evidently this is a restaurant where the small detail really do matter.

My next recommendation is the Prawn salads. It has a tasty recipe. The balance of protein and veg and fruit served with glass noodles makes this salad super satisfying. When it is served, remember to drizzle the dressing at the bottom of the bowl to the ingredients arranged on top. Toss well before using. The exotic fruits - shredded green papayas, ripe and slightly under ripe mangoes cut into chunks,  the fresh rocket leaves and other salad greens, turmeric-grilled prawns, all the ingredients are fresh, all the flavors are natural. It isn't just sweet and sour, but depth as well.

I also recommend the home-grown ginger and fruit drinks.

I supposed it is the coolest place to chill in this bursting city. We've hit on one of Singapore's best alfresco eating spots.

The Halia
1 Cluny Road, Ginger Garden Singapore Botanic Gardens, Singapore 259569
Tel:8444 1148


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