Sunday, 26 November 2017

印度煎饼食谱 (Yong's Roti Prata)

根据妹妹的食谱做的Roti Prata,吃起来更像chapati?也许是制作过程,自己加不够油的关系吧,但还是顶美味的。看印度大厨做的时候啊,加油是很豪爽的哦!

300g plain flour 
30 g sugar 
1.5 g salt
190 mL water

1. Mix, knead properly, let it sit for 30 min. Put the oil and make it into small ball. Freeze it. 
2.    When u want to eat, defrost  the dough, put oil on the table surface, use the rolling stick to make it as thin as possible, if u like to have stuff, put in whatever u like, egg, spring onion or onion, fold them into square and fry on the pan without oil.                        

* Must freeze it so that it is flaky and crispy                        
* If u cook straight away, it doesn't have the flaky texture                        
Can stock up, very convenient                        
* Make sure u apply enough oil on the surface before keep in the freezer                        
* After u defrost, it is so elastic, easy to handle and fold things inside

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